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Current Projects

Zoning Review Action Items Meeting 3.9.2021 7pm

Zoning Actions

  1. Review p. 89-91 of Implementations Section of Comp Plan Update and enact

Zoning Review Action Items: Some Specifics

  1. Increase size of Business/residential district to allow for living over a business. Evaluate zoning districts with the goal of increasing density to encourage affordable housing development in the hamlet and near the business district. Foster growth in hamlet and manage agricultural landscape in rural districts. Be proactive not reactive. Foster diversity in business district.


  1. Solar Law


  1. Review, update and add new definitions (e.g. short-term rentals, resort calculation for allowable size)


  1. Murphy/Chase Property 20 acres Lake Road/Mitchell Property/Catholic fields

Need to be brought into residential district acreage requirement in order to build cluster housing. Consider form-based codes for developments.

  1. 5-acre density zoning clarification and discussion.


  1. Zero-lot-line zoning in hamlet. Examine concept. Useful for affordable housing owned not rented Consider zoning overlay to allow for building in open lots around town. See Rural Build attachment.


  1. Setbacks, ingress and egress: Non-conforming properties set-backs issue: can we reconcile these with our set-back requirements, as they don’t conform to any zoning as is? Front and side lawns also bear looking at. Form-based codes apply? How? Liberta Property has been zoned out of existence, needs to be brought in somehow.


  1. Manufactured housing—site review required but the last TB changed the size of the house requirements to allow for single-wide trailers. Previous recommendations were for housing sizes to be in keeping with double-wides which look more like real homes. Why? Why not?


  1. Review ridgeline protections and amend as needed. Consider wind turbine threat.


  1. ADUs: Accessory dwellings: revise to allow for renting an accessory dwelling on one’s property to anyone, not just family. Examine setbacks.


  1. Merging properties.


  1. Permissive activities.


  1. NND—keep or discard?


  1. Signs



TB Achievements 2018-2020

Just a few things since January 2018, which this Town Board has accomplished with the aid of numerous valuable members of the staff and committees:

  • Grant for EV Charging Station to bring Eco-Tourism into town
  • Grant for Comprehensive Plan Update hiring of Planners – $7250
  • 2 Grants for a Sewer Feasibility Study which will cover all expenses – $50,500
  • Sale of Old Library
  • Purchase of Ruth Pulver house for site for Town Hall or Municipal Parking expansion
  • Recovery Coach brought to town to help those struggling with addiction; continued work on this as funding was cut
  • Active Membership in Dutchess County Mayors and Supervisors Association, Supervisor elected to their Board as Secretary
  • Co-creation and Membership in Tri-Town Affordable Housing Coalition with Amenia and Millerton and Membership and Founding Member in Quad-Town Smart Housing Coalition (with Millerton, Copake and Ancram)
  • Re-vamp of Investment Policy for Town’s General Fund, and reconfiguration of funds into interest-bearing accounts (annual revenue in 2019 approx. $19,000)
  • Welcomed Durst Organization back to town; created new relationship, held numerous town meetings at the Community Center to host presentations on the Carvel Property Development and to get public input, which resulted in their renewed interest in the project and re-design, soon to be revealed
  • Active support of new projects proposed for open land in the hamlet
  • Completed numerous climate-smart actions to achieve Clean Energy Community status at state level, including Unified Solar Permit Law and complete conversion to LED for Town Lighting, savings of $5-6000/year
  • Created a weekly newsletter for anyone with email or access to our website
  • Continued support for new website design, handled the implementation
  • Purchase and installation of an ice rink for Town Recreation
  • Extensive tree cleanup for Town Beach
  • Passed the use of Family ID for signing up kids to Recreational Activities
  • Active support of the Library and Community Center as well as our Seniors and our business community
  • Passing of a two-year-long Update of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Launch of Fund Balance Policy
  • Launched the writing of a Solar Law, still in progress
  • Launched Annual Town Clean-Up Day
  • Launched Playground Committee to build new all-accessible playground
  • Launch of Beautification Committee to re-build Town Park
  • Maintenance of a tight and necessarily small Municipal Budget so that people on limited incomes can continue to live in Pine Plains
  • Supervisor appointed by County Executive Molinaro to the Community Development Council for the County 2020. This Council oversees distribution of grant funds from various sources to towns and villages.
  • Supervisor appointed to the Transportation Council, Rural Representative by the County Executive and DCSMA 2020.
  • Supervisor appointed to the Emergency Response Council by DCSMA 2019 on.