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Town Supervisor Updates

First Durst Meeting Highlights

On February 24th, the Durst Corporation came to the Community Center to present their project in an informational town-wide meeting. Highlights of the plan include much more green space and land conservancy than the original plan, a trail system open to the public which would allow us to walk from downtown Pine Plains all the way to Lafayetteville, an Affordable Housing Fund to be administered by the Town Board for in-town housing, and the potential for numerous jobs associated with the building and maintenance of the development. The potential economic impact of the project was suggested, though there remains a discrepancy between this potential and both the forestry tax exemptions (upwards of $6,000,00) they have received, and their proposed use of common space, which may conflict with businesses already established in Pine Plains.  They spoke of being open to hearing about all of these impacts and more. After describing the development to us in a powerpoint, they requested feedback on the following aspects of the proposal:

  1. Layout and design of the project
  2. Size of the project
  3. Variety of housing and lot sizes
  4. Proposed public benefits a) Are all of them useful/up-to-date? b) Are there changes to be considered? c) Do any raise potential difficulties? d) Are there different benefits or amenities which should be considered?

You can read the NND on our website under About Us/Development. Please send your comments to for inclusion in a report to the Dursts which they will address at the next meeting on March 17th at 10:30 am at the Community Center.

Town Supervisor Update

Intro to your new Town Supervisor! 

Darrah Cloud holds a BA from Goddard College and MFAs from the University of Iowa Writers Workshop. She has been a business owner in Stanfordville and Pine Plains since 1997, and helped revive the Pine Plains Business Association.  She is a Professor of Creative Writing at Goddard College and has taught at Vassar, Fordham, Wesleyan, and SUNY Albany as well. Cloud states: “When I was five my mother took me to my first play: it was the musical, Oliver! I never recovered. While other kids were memorizing Jimmy Hendrix riffs and Janis Ian lyrics, I was memorizing The Boyfriend, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and Oklahoma. But if you know me, you know that I look nothing like a chorus girl, let alone a Broadway star. Plus I couldn’t sing. But that didn’t stop me: I became a playwright. What has this got to do with being Town Supervisor of Pine Plains? Everything. A lifetime of creating plotlines, tracking continuity, handling vivid characters and facing enormous obstacles with a too-small sword and a tiny platoon of underfunded crazy, valiant, and brave techies, prepared me well for taking office. It turns out that the diverse, creative, collaborative world of the theater is the perfect training ground for public service. (Take note, kids in the chorus of the Will Rogers Follies!) Our door is open down at Town Hall for those with energy to help the town attract new businesses and people who work hard, love mountains and lakes, want to send their kids to great schools, want to get involved in their community rather than sit at home… and love theater! Stop by. Attend a Town Board meeting. Get to know the people you elected to help keep the town running. Play a part in Pine Plains!”