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Dear Pine Plains 1.22.21


Dear Pine Plains,

Available now on our website in Background Materials, Documents and Police Department is our proposed Police Reform and Modernization Plan as edited by the Stakeholders’ Committee. Public input is welcomed on this document and comments should be sent to me at I also have a copy here at Town Hall. The Board is reading it now and after any changes we will pass this in February as per the State mandate. These changes will then be adopted into our Police Policy, which John Hughes and Mike Beliveau and I are working on right now. To remind you, this policy will sync up with the State Police in all regards as pertain to a part-time police department like ours, adding these reforms.

Alice wants me to remind everyone that the Town bought One Call Now, an emergency alert system for residents to be informed on any kind of emergency situation in town, from bad storms to downed electrical poles to water problems and shut-downs. You can be alerted by text, email or a phone call to a landline or cellphone. Please contact Alice at Town Hall by phone or email, or stop in. or 518-398-8600 ex1

With the passing of the resolution to contract with BFJ Planning on the Zoning Review which is the result of our Comprehensive Plan Update of 2019 we can begin meeting over changes recommended by our plan. This is a big step for the Town in bringing our zoning up to date with our experiences of it these past ten or so years.

Last night we began re-vamping the Recreation Committee, creating a new format for how they work and appointing 7 new members to 7 new roles. We heartily thank the outgoing members for their years of service and welcome the new members and any new folks to volunteer to coach or help out as a way to make friends and get involved with your kids. We are excited to see this committee energize our recreation offerings. Many new ideas abound.

As many of you probably know, the Covid numbers are up for all the towns around us significantly. Vaccine roll-out has been difficult, and patience is being asked for as the quantity of vaccine has been far short of what we need. Phase 1A and 1B are in effect, and 1B was changed to anyone over 65. But the website is jammed, and the hotline number is too. The news changes on an almost daily basis, so please don’t give up. Things will get better. (Remember when your kids were in diapers all at the same time?) Many people at the State and County levels are working vigilantly to iron out all the problems. The lack of a federal plan made it all nearly impossible. Hopefully now things will change.

The ice rink is up and running as long as it’s cold, so why not get out there and skate? Matt Zick, Mike Cooper and their crew have installed lights so that people can skate from 9:00 to Noon and 4:00 to 7:30 at night. They have worked really hard to make this happen for the town and deserve a standing ovation for this wonderful gift. More help is always appreciated.

Finally, in the dark of winter, here are the last lines of Amanda Gorman’s poem for these times:

For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.

Stay brave, Pine Plains.
Darrah Cloud