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Dear Pine Plains 10.15.21


Dear Pine Plains,

By now you have heard about the terrible fire on Hoffman Road, and the loss of Larry Pariseau. We extend our deep condolences to Kim his wife and family, and to all who knew and valued him as a citizen of Pine Plains, a volunteer firefighter and EMT, a member of the Church of the Regeneration, a first responder on 9/11, and a frequent visitor to Town Hall. Neighbor Richard Wager ran across the street to help Kim out of the wreckage and was first on the scene; the Pine Plains Fire Department reached the situation in minutes. It took all night and into the daytime to put out the fire, with the assistance of numerous departments from two counties. There was ancillary help from Rich at Stewart’s, who put food deliveries together for the firefighters; the Nuccios, who opened up the Moose and made sandwiches for everyone; neighbors Alice and Robert, who welcomed frightened people affected by the blast to their home next door; and Doug Weaver who spent all night at the site bringing invaluable equipment to help. Kim has lost her husband and everything she owned. She and Larry had just welcomed a family who needed a place to stay and they lost everything too. Now begins the work of helping them in a different way. This is what makes Pine Plains so dear.

We will have a public hearing on the Preliminary Budget next Thursday before the regular Board Meeting, as well as a packed agenda that night. Much of the work of the last few years is all coming to fruition in these last months of 2021 as we pass the text changes to our zoning, then the map changes, and hold a community meeting to reveal the results of our Sewer Feasibility Study in November. (TBA)

Friday October 15th—tonight! —is our Meet the Candidates Night. 7pm at the Community Center 2nd Floor of the Library. You will be invited to write down a question on a card and submit it to the moderator, who will then collate the questions for each category of candidate (Board Member, Supervisor, Legislator) and do the asking. They are asking everyone to formulate your questions so that all the candidates in a category can answer them. They estimate this meeting could take about 90 to 120 minutes. Everyone will have time to make opening and closing remarks.

This coming Sunday the 17th at 3pm The Stissing Center will begin its series of monthly play readings with The War trials of Robert S. McNamara by our own Donn Potter. Featured roles are being played by Andy King, Dave Owens, George Keeler, Marie Stewart, Brian Gerber, and Suzanne Ouellette. With such a stellar cast, this promises to be a wonderful afternoon of history and debate. $5 As with all other theaters, masks and vaccinations are required.

And get your tickets to the Cemetery Tour! It will be held both Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd. Tickets are available on the library website. See townspeople bring the dead to life and tell their stories!

Alice and I spoke a lot about the tragedy this week, remembering past tragedies that took the lives of teenagers and other adults here, and wondering at the strength and resilience of the people who are the first to arrive to help. The toll this takes on those people is enormous, and we can only say thank you to those who do what the rest of us cannot. It also made us think about all the people employed by the Town who go beyond in their dedication to their work and to Pine Plains.

Take care of yourselves, Pine Plains!
Darrah Cloud

Our own Vinnie Parliman, an employee we could not do without.