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Dear Pine Plains 2.26.21


Dear Pine Plains,

No matter how still it might look outside in terms of the Covid shut-down, there is a lot of activity going on inside in Pine Plains.

The Library is up and running again with some really fun events announced for the next month. The Little Nine Partners Historical Society is holding their annual meeting and discussion. The Zoning Review Committee has officially launched, and a new business is soon to open, Roosters Home and Hardware at 2978 Church Street next to the barber shop. I spoke with the owners last summer about Pine Plains, and they were eager to find space here to expand their business. There will be more new business announcements in the coming months, so it feels like Spring to me.

But of course, warmer weather means the ice rink season has come to a close. I know we have thanked the volunteers a lot here, but it doesn’t hurt to thank them again. Matt Zick and his crew worked really hard to get the rink up and running and shoveled off and smooth so that we could all skate. It opened January 6th this year and lasted until this week, so we had a decent season. I skated once and shoveled a number of times!

Please let anyone you know who is struggling with addiction, or has a family member struggling, or just wants someone to talk to about it, that Deb Hagan will now be at the Episcopal Church every week, on either a Monday or a Tuesday. Hours will be posted around town and at the church. She is also doing Narcan training on the last Wednesday of every month. Deb walks the walks, and knows what she’s talking about. Please seek her out.

This week’s biggest news is that Nasir Mahmood at the Pine Plains Pharmacy received 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine, and set up a vaccination site at the firehouse on Thursday for the first 100 people who had signed up for it. I know that he has lobbied incessantly for local Pharmacies to be able to distribute this vaccine, and even though 100 seems very small, it is the first step. He is another Hometown Hero of ours who deserves great thanks. The sign-up process remains difficult for those without smart phones or internet, and to that end, Alice and I can help anyone who comes out to Town Hall to sign up with the County for the next distributions. If Nasir is able to receive more vaccine, then we will help with sign-ups for that too.

And there is a lot to plan for: summer camp will take place again, Covid-style, and baseball and softball organization is happening now. Rec Director Mike Cooper is looking for volunteers. We are talking to the Triathlon people about what they might do.

I spoke with one of our wonderful seniors yesterday and had a nice long welcome conversation about life and Pine Plains. She loves living here, but the loneliness is getting to her, as she has been very active in town. Her husband passed away in November at a nursing home, a fact I did not know, and the loneliness of that just compounds in so many ways. Please reach out to your neighbors and even if it’s just a chat through a screen door, know how important that is to a lot of them. And how rewarding it is to you. You just never know what people are really dealing with in their lives. As I said in the beginning here, there’s a lot going on on the inside.

Take care, be well, and reach out, Pine Plains!

Darrah Cloud