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Dear Pine Plains 3.22.19

Dear Pine Plains,
As I write this, it is snowing big, fat flakes out the windows here at Town Hall. Welcome Spring!
Last night’s Town Board Meeting included a visit from a young couple who are looking to build a soccer field at the Deuel’s property. They presented a map of their idea which is currently at Town Hall for your perusal. They hope to restore the old Scale building and make it into a sports store, with a viewing area for people to watch the games, as well as install a turf field on which anyone can play all year long. Christian Goldfuchs is a professional soccer player for City of Leicester and he and his wife Raluca make their home here now. It will take some zoning amendments to bring the site into a sports field permitted area to make this happen. Although many people love the old building, it has serious structural problems. An old oil business in the back lot would have to be studied for what has been left in the ground, dating way back. They are willing to take down the building and clean all this up. What do you think?
We declared that the Town would declare an Arbor Day on April 26th and passed a resolution to form a Tree Board so that we might begin to apply to be a Tree City. We are putting together our first Pine Day on April 20th as well to celebrate our own town trees and offer trees and instruction for planting to townspeople. There will be crafts for youngsters and readings and talks at the Library all morning. Dennis Williams, our Watchman (he’s in charge of the Clock in the Tower!) asked me to remind people that William Eno was responsible for planting many of the trees we love years ago:
In 1852 William Eno purchased just about the entire corner of the village that is now from behind the bank to beyond the cemetery, and down towards the end of the village heading to Hammertown. He developed the roads and parcels that comprise Pine Street and Maple (at that time, “Elm”). There were just two private burial plots in a very small strip at that time what is now Evergreen Cemetery. He greatly enlarged the cemetery and had the roadways built into it. And he planted many of the trees!
We approved the Unified Solar Permit to go to the County as well as the Planning Board, the last step in passing it, after a Public Hearing.
We began discussion on permitting LEED Building with a tax incentive. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.) The Assessors are studying what this would mean to our tax roll. We are weighing the cost to the town against the cost to the environment, as these improvements lessen the carbon footprint and fossil fuel usage.
We revived discussion of the Nuisance Law (ATVs and motorbikes in town) and passed around the letters of support for the law that we have received. So far there have been no letters of non-support.
April 12th is the Affordable Housing Workshop hosted by the Northeast Community Center in Millerton. It will take place at the American Legion there, 155 Route 44.
REBUILDING TOGETHER will be in attendance at that meeting, and we are still taking names of homeowners who need helping repairing their homes. They will be coming to Pine Plains again and offered to do a Day of repairing here for a number of homes, as well as our American Legion/VFW Hall.  You can be any age, but must meet the income requirements of 80% of the Dutchess County median income. That’s around $54,000/year. If you feel you qualify and want help, call Lori at Town Hall 518-398-8600 and she will put you on the list for receiving an application. We will help you fill it out as well.
We OKd the purchase of the Ruth Pulver house in order to add to our public parking capacity. This will paid for partly from Fund Balance and partly by a loan, at least at this point.
And finally, we would like to welcome two new people to the Recreation Department: Michael Cooper will be our new Recreation Director, and Nate Chase has consented to become a new member of the Rec Committee. Congratulations to both men. We are very excited to have you on board!
The snow is still falling! Stay bundled up, Pine Plains!
Darrah Cloud