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Dear Pine Plains 4.9.2021

Dear Pine Plains,

What a beautiful week. Everything is budding out and the daffodils are blooming spectacularly everywhere, it seems.

Thursday, a group of citizens held a tiny parade and cupcake ceremony for our beloved FEDEX Delivery guy Pete by surprising him with a motorcade accompaniment into town, where a gathering of people displaying signs of thanks stood by to herald him. Pete is moving on after 21 years delivering to us here, and we are happy and sad at the same time. Here was a man who often stopped his truck to help someone, or shoot a few hoops with a kid playing alone on a court, or to give dog biscuits to canine citizens. (Think of all those Chewy boxes!) He will be missed.

Gregg Pulver stopped in at Town Hall to talk with Alice and I about Phase 2 of the Hometown Heroes Project. This is his baby, and we are helping to implement it. Phase 2 will be going up with the help and dedication of Kyle Lougheed and the crew of Ginocchio Electric. Kyle always steps up to help the town do things like this and we can’t thank him enough. Phase 3 of the Heroes is being gathered right now. If you have someone to sponsor, please come out to Town Hall and talk to Alice. It costs $200 and if you don’t have the money we might be able to help.

I got to see Tilly the Bloodhound this week, whose handler, Trooper Justin Bell, related a search she did recently and successfully for a missing woman down in Ossining. Tilly and Saffy, Justice Dave Humeston’s calendar-girl Ridgeback service dog are frequent visitors to Town Hall. Drop in! You might catch them!

I want to remind people that our Recovery Coach comes to Pine Plains on a weekly basis and is at the Episcopal Church to talk to anyone who wants help with drug or alcohol-related issues, whether the struggles be your own or a family member’s. Her name is Deb Hagan and she is there at 18 Pine Street inside the Parish house on the 2nd and 4th Mondays 4-8pm and the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 11am-3pm. Think we don’t have a problem in Pine Plains? Think again. It hides well. People exchange their prescriptions for methadone and sublaxone for fentanyl and other opioids, so it is very hard to see what’s going on. Suffice it to say, the town police know, and are often the first ones on the scene of an overdose. Narcan has become a verb.

Our Broadband Committee received some nice publicity for their work in gathering Northern Dutchess towns together to examine the issue of high-speed internet in the area. We hope to have an announcement soon about the results of all their hard work.

The Town Park Committee is just about to get started on the renovation of the corner park at 82 and 199.
On a sad note, we lost Maria Heaney this past week, one of our favorite members of our senior group. We will miss seeing her at the tables in the Community Center. Our hearts are with her husband, Bernie.
Reminder: we have a call out for help with the Bicentennial in 2 years—we must start planning now—as well as a call out for people interested in being on a Housing Committee. Finding a place to live around here is becoming harder and harder. If you’d like to help the town figure out what to do about this, please write me at So far I have 3 wonderful people. I think we need at least 2-4 more.

Keep tabs on all the things going on in town at, our website. Check out the Town Projects page.

Stay tuned in, Pine Plains!
Darrah Cloud