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Dear Pine Plains 5.1.2020

Dear Pine Plains,

First of all, let’s celebrate some good news. The County call I was on yesterday was all about re-opening Dutchess County businesses. The State has re-examined our location—along with Ulster and Orange Counties—as a hybrid between upstate and downstate, and as such deemed us “upstate” which will allow us to open sooner than Westchester and New York City. This opening will be a roll-out: slow but sure. It will take months. We were told to closely monitor executive orders from both the Governor and the County Executive, as changes may occur hourly, and may contradict what came before. This was the case when we shut down, so we are prepared to be vigilant here. I have been asked to be on a committee of Mayors and Supervisors to advise the County Executive on ideas for opening while keeping people safe in northeast Dutchess. We will be meeting daily to help design the roll-out. One idea has been to bring back outdoor dining as a way to help restaurants deal with the predicted 50% capacity rule that will be ordered. The extra tables under a tent/on a porch might help their sales quotient. Our own pharmacist Nasir Mahmood is serving on a County committee to bring testing to local pharmacies, with a prescription. The main problem is the availability of the actual tests. If you have ideas around opening things up in Pine Plains/Northeast safely, please call me at my office or write me there. 518-398-8600 ex 1/

The rates of infection are going down, albeit slowly, and spring is beautiful. Nurses and medical personnel, as well as people with birthdays, will be celebrated by drive-bys this week, a fine procession of police, fire and highway vehicles. Councilman Matt Zick is one volunteer you can contact to set this up at 845-705-5533.

Members of the Presbyterian Church and others are still making masks, and they can be found behind the church and out at Town Hall.

New entrepreneurs in town, the Brimers, who bought the Old Library, have a company called Industry Standard and are spearheading a drive to raise money for unemployed wait staffs at all our restaurants. Their message: The team at Industry Standard — Matthew, Whitney, and Ben (the family that is renovating the Old Library at the center of town) — is organizing a community effort to raise funds to support our wonderful Pine Plains restaurants and their hardworking employees during this difficult time. The Industry Standard team is taking care of distributing funds to the restaurants — but we need your contributions to make the magic happen. Due to the generosity of Pine Plains residents, we are able to match all donations 1:1. So for every $100 you contribute, local donors will chip in another $100, bringing your impact to $200.

It is easy for anyone to contribute securely online via credit card. If you can, please donate whatever you are able to here:

Tax Grievance Day has been set for May 26th. Don’t be shy about bringing your evidential papers to our assessors if you think your assessment is too high. (Remember: a higher assessment does not mean your taxes will go up!) If they can’t do anything for you, the Grievance Committee is the place to take your case. Make an appointment at 518-398-8600 ex216 ASAP.

And finally, to that end, if you fill out the Census2020, you will be helping the town directly with funding from both the State and Federal levels. The more citizens we have, the more funding we qualify for. So please, even if you did not receive a card in the mail, because you have a P.O. Box, you can go online to and fill out your census by clicking on the link that says “Don’t have a number”. The system is easy to use and helpful. You can also always call Town Hall for help. We will be back in the office 5 days a week, 7:30am-3:30pm on Monday the 4th of May ready to help. The doors will still be locked to control traffic inside, and masks will be necessary to gain entrance.

When we are terrified, no one can tell us not to be, no matter how hard they try, especially if we have good reasons to be terrified: like falling from the ledge we are standing on, or failing a test that would change our lives, or losing our homes. Now we are terrified of just leaving our homes, of hugging our own relatives, of shopping in our favorite stores, the result of the early stages of a global pandemic; most of us have made it, many, many of us have not. We all respond to terror differently, but in general, it can either energize us or shut us down, disabling our thinking. In reaction mode, terror is…well, terrifying in and of itself. And when we fall into reaction mode, we often say things we don’t mean, we often lash out, and we often make things worse. It is time to start taking care of ourselves and others here in town so that we don’t fall into this trap. Sometimes there is no way out.

Take care of yourselves, Pine Plains. We will get through this. As Marcus Molinaro says, we are all in this together.

Darrah Cloud