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Dear Pine Plains 5.20.21


Dear Pine Plains,

I go to Crossfit in Hudson, and our rather daunting coach said this to us this week: “Resourcefulness is our greatest resource.” I have been thinking about that all week. That is the only way we get things done in a town without revenues, and it demands that we constantly re-invent ourselves to survive. And learn new skills. I see that all the time in the people here.

Rebuilding Together wants to come back to Pine Plains. This is the organization that helps people who qualify financially to fix or modify their homes for free. The form is a little daunting and we can help anyone interested in applying for this program at Town Hall. A lot of this stuff is online at, but if you can’t work the internet too well that’s a moot point. We are glad to help you. You should know, however, that confirmation that you own the home and have paid the mortgage is required as well as a number of documents attesting to your financial status, like tax records. Come to Town Hall and see what is required or call us and we can read it to you. A number of homes here have been fixed up in this way over the last few years and it’s a really awesome program, with volunteers from expert construction companies in the County doing the work. If your house is falling down around you, or you need grab bars and ramps put in so that you can remain in your home, and you don’t have the money to do this work, this is your program.

The Memorial Day Parade is on! It launches at 10:30 and will come down the streets of the hamlet with a pause at the Clock for very brief comments and then go on to the Cemetery. All are welcome. Please be advised that the CDC recommendations are in place which means try to stay six feet from your neighbors, and wear a mask if you are unvaccinated or worried. Masks also keep the pollen out of your nose! A convoy will pass through Town as well in the afternoon.

Speaking of I spoke with the people who work at Town Hall, and we generally have agreed to keep the mask regulation in place for that building. You will not be able to get in to see the Town Clerk without one. People have been really great about wearing their masks and I don’t foresee a problem, but for now, I did want to mention that we will keep our policy in place until further notice. Contrary to a popular belief, it is not against the law for a municipality or a business to ask someone if they are vaccinated. HIPAA Law pertains only to Health organizations.

Don’t forget the Book Sale at the Library Memorial Day weekend and the Presbyterian Church’s Chicken Dinner on Memorial Day from 11-1pm. 518-398-7117 for reservations. And the Garden Club Plant Sale is on Saturday the 22nd at the American Legion! Phew!

Stay resourceful, Pine Plains!
Darrah Cloud

PS: Below is one of the many plans created over the years in need of implementation. Which means money!