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Dear Pine Plains 5.28.21


Dear Pine Plains,

It has been a long slog to this Memorial Day Weekend since the pandemic really took force over us a year ago around this time. A bittersweet holiday for most of us. My Dad was a Captain in the OSS in WWII, then brought back by the Army to serve in Korea. My uncle was in Okinawa. My husband was #2 in the last draft for the Viet Nam War. The Hometown Heroes flags flying high over our streets are indication of the dedication to our country so many Pine Plainsians have felt. Just being around people who have served gives you an understanding of what it takes to be a soldier, and what kind of person that makes you. In my experience, those who come away in one piece from fighting wars seem to know that the world is not black and white but made of so many contradictions and colors. In my office is a plaque Lori Patricola made for me from advice given to me by Brian Coons, our last Town Supervisor, an Army veteran and a hero who doesn’t want a flag up (yet!). It says: Keep a clear and open mind. That advice is a legacy from his years of service in the Middle East. I take it to heart. It’s hard.

The Library hosts the Book Sale Saturday, Sunday and Memorial Day, and the Presbyterian Church welcomes walk-ins for their chicken dinner being served after the parade.

This past week, the Zoning Review Committee did more monumental work on cleaning up and updating our zoning law. Making it easier to open a small business in Pine Plains is a key element, and very soon we will schedule a Public Meeting to go over the results of their efforts. The meetings are recorded and available on YouTube at Town of Pine Plains.

The Planning Board has never in history been busier than they are now. This is an all-volunteer committee responsible for making Pine Plains a good and welcoming place to live. I want to thank them all for the incredible work they’ve done this past year especially. The amount of work was monumental.

Don’t forget RebuildingTogether is taking applications for their free home renovations for qualified homeowners. Come see us at Town Hall and we will help you.

I will see you at the Memorial Day parade which begins at 10:30 and winds through the hamlet. Please be mindful of people not ready to take off their masks, and respect everyone by social distancing. This is one of the best days we have in Pine Plains and I always look forward to gathering with others to remember the past and to think about the ideal of a democracy worth fighting for.

I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said something to that effect: Make sure you are living a life that is worth asking someone else to fight and die for…

With a clear and open mind, Pine Plains!
Darrah Cloud