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Dear Pine Plains 5.8.2020


Dear Pine Plains,

As the numbers of infected people rise in the rest of the country, New York is seeing a plateau, which does not mean that the numbers are dropping, or that the virus is going away, but rather that more people are being tested and as we go down the other side of the peak, we will probably lose just as many people, if we remain in lockdown. Yet, all the Towns are in deep discussion about re-opening businesses and services. Here is a link to explain the biology of the virus, and why this is so challenging:

On Wednesday, we discussed how to restore municipal offices to past working order to begin May 18th. All Towns have submitted their plans to the County Executive, and we await advice and new ideas as we share our own. As regards Pine Plains, what was put in place on March 16th will largely continue. The door at Town Hall will remain locked. You can call ahead and make an appointment with the Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Assessors, Town Supervisor, and we will instruct you as to how to come by. The Town Clerk will be able to help people through her “walk-up” window on the side of the building. Masks must be worn in order to come into the building—no exceptions—and strict cleaning measures are underway.

This first phase of re-opening will also involve construction, as long as PPE is worn and social distancing adhered to. Projects deemed non-essential will be allowed to resume. If you own a business in Town and are confused about what restrictions will be in place when you are allowed to open, please call us. The County has a website which I have spoken about here before called the Dutchess County Business News Network or BNN which is incredibly valuable in keeping everyone informed, but know that the orders are changing almost daily. Whereas we really want to re-open we also really do not want to watch this illness flare up again. New numbers for the County will be out today after what they called a “data dump” yesterday which they had to sift through.

Whether we are able to open Camp this year or not is still in question, but Camp Director Jen Chase is planning for it should that happen, and along with Rec Director Mike Cooper is looking for alternatives in the event that we can’t. Please let us know how you feel about the possibility of Camp: would you send your kids, do you use/need camp for daycare, what are your fears and ideas about it… They would like to know. Ultimately, whatever we plan, we will all have to be prepared to shut it down in the event that numbers spike back up.

All week, we have been prepping for the Planning Board Meeting on May 13th at 7:30pm with the Durst Organization, which will be viewable on YouTube, at Town of Pine Plains. The Food Locker is open this Saturday, but Willow Roots will not distribute this week. Birthday celebration Truck Parades will continue throughout the lockdown, and you can schedule a drive-by by calling Councilman Matt Zick at 845-705-5533. Signs are up on lawns all over town as our high school seniors near graduation, asking folks to honk to let them know you’re out there cheering for them. I personally love driving by the electric sign at the high school every year which shows all the colleges the kids are off to. I hope we can all keep their spirits up in this difficult time, when they have missed so much of their last year.

So honk loudly, Pine Plains!

Darrah Cloud