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Dear Pine Plains 6.25.21


Dear Pine Plains,

The triathlon is Sunday! Watch for runners and bikers on our roads early in the day, and if you’re like to volunteer, they are still looking for help. You can contact Mark Wilson at This is an awesome event first begun by Charlie Norman, and carried on since then. If you don’t know what it is, come down to the ball fields and check it out. People travel from all over to do these events, so you will see some serious athletes at work, swimming, biking, running.

There was a primary held on Tuesday so I got to Town Hall at 5am to open the doors for the Board of Elections team. It was a rainy cool day, and I decided to just stay and try and put my desk in order (hah!) and do the little tasks that the big projects get in the way of. To wit:

  • Read 32 grant applications as a member of the County CDAC, which gives out the money from the Municipal Investment Grants.
  • Studied the Budget for second quarter state of the Town
  • Worked on CFA grants
  • Followed up with Engineer on parking changes in front of the bank
  • Called County to discuss broken sidewalks beside Pharmacy
  • Reviewed all bank statements
  • Signed checks, filled out numerous forms
  • Accepted NYSERDA grant of $5,000 and filled out more forms for deposit
  • Made coffee
  • Re-read the American Rescue Plan requirements; followed up on federal application to receive funds
  • Organized the last Town Board Meeting contents (I keep all documents for every meeting in a binder) and read them over to ensure I had followed up on everything.
  • Read email

Kind of a typical morning. Alice and I get a lot done together.

Last night, I went down to the Stanfordville Library to be a part of the 20th anniversary memorial they are producing for those who died in 9/11. We sat in a room with a microphone in twos, and each took turns reading names into a recorder. If anything, I was surprised by the number of families represented. There were a lot of people there to do the same thing. These memorials are tough to witness. The mounting number of names does not escape anyone. I remember feeling the same thing when I visited the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington, DC The number of names increase as you walk forward through the sculpture until there are so many it’s overwhelming. It is hard but ultimately good to be devastated by it.

A reminder: Town Clean-up Day is now September 18th.

Pride Month ends this weekend and area churches are making a point that everyone is welcome at their services this Sunday. In particular, Pastor Ryan at the Presbyterian Church, and the folks at the Episcopal Church on Pine Street mentioned wanting all to feel welcome there.

Pastor-in-training Nathan Badore, of the Methodist Church, has volunteered his time as official videographer for a project tentatively called Legends of Pine Plains. (If you have a better name, please send it!) This is a project to record interviews with significant elders in the town. We are hoping people will come forward who can identify someone they think ought to be interviewed, and perhaps also a young person to ask the questions. We are looking for grandchildren, for instance, who would be interested in interviewing their grandparent(s). Or maybe a young neighbor. We hope to archive these at the Library and present them as a whole to the public at some time in the future. Please contact me at Town Hall if you have ideas and names. Our local history has been well documented in the excellent books of Rosie Chase—also available at the Library—and this will add to the collection.

Congratulations to all the seniors graduating this June as the Class of 2021. What a story you will have to tell your interviewer someday.

Stay proud, Pine Plains!

Darrah Cloud