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Dear Pine Plains 7.23.21


Dear Pine Plains,

Wednesday night the Hudson Valley Project/Durst Organization held the first of two scoping meetings to ask for public input on the impact of the project. Numerous people got up and spoke, suggesting the kinds of studies that might be conducted to determine the impact of the development on the Town. Your input is crucial to how the development is designed. The next meeting is Saturday July 31st at 10am. Doors will open at 9:30 so you can view the maps and sign up to speak. This is a long process and requires our full attention, as well as our input. So much misinformation and old information is out there.

As I write this, the 10U Town Rec Girls Softball Team is still up in Rochester playing in the State Tournament. In less than 3 days, the citizens of Pine Plains raised all of the money necessary to allow them to stay in a hotel together and play. We were able to raise this money so quickly with the help of the technology and 501c3 designation of The Stissing Center. The final push over the edge came from cash jars at local businesses.

Speaking of The Stissing Center, they are asking for help. They write: “Have you been to The Stissing Center yet? You’ve got to check it out. TSC is a non-profit arts and performance space, and they’ve got a full line-up of events coming in the Fall. You can join in the fun! They are looking for volunteer ticket takers, ushers, concessions, stage production crew, and office help. There’s something for everyone. Please contact Liz Raum at TSC via the website,” This is a great way to see shows. And being a part of them is even better.

There will be a public hearing at the regular Board Meeting on August 19th for the text changes in our zoning as recommended by our Zoning Review Committee. And have you seen the corner park renovation yet? It is really coming along!

As we are planning for a small dedication of the park, I decided to try and find out who Edward C. Kinzer was. I contacted the lawyer who sent the letter informing us of the inheritance, and found his nephew, Doug Kampfer. Doug was wonderful to talk to. He believes the Kinzers bought the house at the corner of Old Orchard Lane (that now belongs to the Pecks) in the 1930s. Doug loves Pine Plains and talks about it all the time with his sister. They spent many summers up here fishing in the lake and “shooting at rats at the dump”! That dump was where the highway garage is now. He told me that his uncle was an electrician, whose son had died long ago. They were friends of the Klein family (Al) and the Dinnen (sp) family and the Rensings next door on Lake Road. They all loved Pine Plains and in fact, the ashes of the older Kinzer folks are up on Stissing Mountain. I hope they are watching the progression of their beautiful legacy from there.

This weekend boasts numerous concerts and events around town, but in particular, there is a BBQ at the Church of the Regeneration from 2-4pm Saturday on Pine Street, where numerous local musicians will play, and on Sunday downstairs at The Stissing Center, scholar and raconteur Andy King will be reading from his latest book at 3pm. The impact of even the smallest-seeming of events is often huge in proportion. All are welcome.

Stay small, feel big, Pine Plains!

Darrah Cloud