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Dear Pine Plains 8.27.21


Dear Pine Plains,

I attended the Fair on Think Differently Day (Thursday) when the lights and sound are turned off for a while for people sensitive to chaos. It was pretty great. The horticulture building and Grange and art exhibits were all diminished, but there. The farm and animal barns are as full as ever. Some of my favorite tents are missing—the performance tent and the dog tent—but the rides and vendors were busy despite the heat and I plan on going to the 4-H horse show re-scheduled for Sunday. Fair Week is like a holiday week.

But we did manage to get a fair amount done at Town Hall. We are assembling Department budgets so that I can then deliver the Tentative 2022 Budget in September; we did more grant writing for a new all-abilities playground; we passed, at our last Board Meeting, the law for a standing zoning review committee, thereby making our Zoning Law a living document, which is key to progress here. Demo on 8 and 12 N. Main continues and the Final Draft of our Sewer Feasibility Study was delivered. We will be scheduling a public meeting about this in September or early October. I am looking forward to meeting with the County on the Broadband situation in northern Dutchess, where we will meet the consultant the County hired to map out areas not served. We have gotten together with Northeast, Milan, and Stanford to look into teaming up for funding for the build-out on underserved areas. The Marijuana
discussion also remains live, and we will present the Opt-Out laws for a Public Hearing at the next Board Meeting on September 16th. Please review Tuesday’s Special Edition of this newsletter for the nitty gritty on that. It is posted on our website and on Facebook under Pine Plains Town Hall. We will need comments sent to us as well as attendance at the Public Hearing for comments made in person.

The Municipal Investment Grants issued by the County will be announced next week, and I am excited about this. We wrote over $100,000 in grant proposals this year and hope to hear at least some good news. Grants are the only way small towns can make improvements without raising taxes.

These last two weeks of August always feel like being on pause: school hasn’t started, it’s too hot, there’s prep to do before the launch of the Fall… In the old days there was School Shopping. Cliff Thorpe is still open, because he loves his work. Stop in there. I miss those days. Treasure these moments, parents!

And stay cool, Pine Plains!
Darrah Cloud