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Pine Plains Town Hall
3284 Route 199 Rear
PO Box 955
Pine Plains, NY 12567

Office Hours – Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Friday, 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (Hours may vary, please call ahead)
Assessors on site Tuesdays 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Telephone/Voice Mail:  518-398-7193, Ext. 7.
Fax:  518-398-0030

Mission Statement: To provide a fair and equitable tax roll.
This roll is used as the basis for all property and school tax bills, but the assessors do not set tax rates. Questions about town tax billings should be directed to the Receiver of Taxes at 518-398-7155, extension 211 and for school tax billings to 518-398-7181 x 400.

The Town of Pine Plains Assessors Office is comprised of three part-time, elected assessors and a part-time clerk. Currently, two assessors are NYS Certified Assessors and the third is in the process of becoming certified.  As of 2017 we have a combined 21 years of experience. The assessors are in the office for unscheduled visits on Tuesdays from 10 am to 2 pm.  Appointments may be made for other days by calling 518-398-7193 x 7. The office is staffed otherwise on Tuesdays and Thursday from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm and on Fridays from 9:30 am till 1:30 pm.

Assessment Facts:

  • No. of parcels – 1683
  • Level of Assessment – 2022 is 100%
  • Most recent town-wide re-valuation – 2014
  • School District – Pine Plains Central School District

Dates to Remember:

  • March 1 – Taxable Status Day & Deadline for filing all exemption applications & renewals
  • May 1 – Tentative assessment roll filed annually
  • 4th Tuesday in May – Grievance Day. The Board of Assessment Review meets to hear complaints about real property tax assessments.
  • July 1 – Final roll filed annually & Valuation Day


FAQ’s – Topics of Interest

Exemption Information

Most Common Exemptions

Basic STAR Exemption: For anyone who owns and lives in a home and whose income does not exceed $500,000 per year.  No age or income requirement. This exemption applies only to school taxes. PROOF OF RESIDENCY IS REQUIRED. ONE- TIME APPLICATION.

Those who purchased their homes after August 1, 2015 wishing to enroll in the BASIC STAR program can no longer register through the Assessor’s office, but will need to register through New York State.  Please refer to the following for more information on this change and how to enroll:

Enhanced STAR Exemption: For any citizen (65 years old before December 31 of that year) who owns and lives in a home and whose adjusted gross income is less than $86,000 per year (2017) (excluding IRA distributions). Applies to school taxes only. COPY OF YOUR 2 YEAR PRIOR FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN IS REQUIRED. MUST BE RENEWED EACH YEAR.

Those who purchased their homes after August 1, 2015 wishing to enroll in the ENHANCED STAR program can no longer register through the Assessor’s office, but will need to register through New York State.

Those who have been living in the same home and already receiving the BASIC STAR exemption and wish to update to the ENHANCED STAR can still register through the Assessor’s office, if desired.

Additional Information on the program and how to register can be found at:

Senior Citizen Exemption: For homeowners 65 years of age before March 1 of that year and with a combined yearly income of less than $37,400 (2013). Must be renewed each year.

Veteran’s Exemption: a veteran or un-remarried spouse of a veteran who served on active duty during one of the specified periods of war. There is a veterans disability exemption as well. A COPY OF YOUR DD-214 IS REQUIRED. ONE-TIME APPLICATION.

Agricultural Exemption: for owners of at least seven acres of land to be used for agricultural productivity. Must have produced an average of $10,000 over the previous two years. Land may be leased. INCOME RECORDS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH ANNUAL RENEWAL. An additional exemption is available for certain buildings associated with agricultural production.

Business Exemption: This exemption applies to all ad valorem taxes (not to fire district taxes eg.) and applies to such construction, alteration, installation, or improvement that exceeds $10,000 up to a maximum of $50,000. The amount of the exemption in the first year is 50% of the increase in assessed value attributable to the improvement. The exemption amount then decreases by 5% in each of the next nine years. ONE-TIME APPLICATION.

All forms are available in the Assessor’s Office or online by visiting  or by clicking on the form numbers indicated above.


2013 Exemption Impact Report (Town Summary)