Sense-Sational Animal Adventure

July 24, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

With a curious group of Animal Ambassadors, campers will discover that there are some similarities as well as distinct differences between the way we “see” the world and the way our animal neighbors do.

Children will have the opportunity to observe, touch and hold live Animal Ambassadors as they learn how each uses its senses to find food, water and as protection from predators.

We’ll meet a Rabbit with an acute sense of hearing and a unique way of regulating its body temperature. We will also learn about a King Snake and how its tongue can be used to track prey for food. A Chinchilla will help us explore the sense of touch with its whiskers, and an Indian Peahen or Monk Parakeet will demonstrate how birds lack a sense of smell, but compensate with finely-tuned eyesight.

Join Animal Embassy for this Sense-Sational Adventure!

This event takes place at the Pine Plains Recreation Summer Camp, but is free & open to everyone! Anyone who wants to come is encouraged to attend!