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Parking Regulations within the Town of Pine Plains

This article shall be entitled “A Local Law Regulating Parking Within the Town of Pine Plains.”
No vehicle shall be parked, left standing or otherwise permitted to remain on any public street, road, highway within the Town or on any Town-owned or -maintained parking area in the Town of Pine Plains between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. or during any period of snowfall or other precipitation (except rain) for a period of six hours following said snowfall or other precipitation during the months of November of each year through April of the following year. This provision shall not apply to the parking of any ambulances, to any vehicle operated by a physician while on a professional call, or to any portion of a municipal parking area located on property leased to the Town for use as a municipal parking area which has been reserved by the Town for the use of the owner or tenants of the owner.
Any vehicle parked, left standing or otherwise permitted to remain on any public street, road, or highway within the Town or in any Town-owned or -maintained parking area within the Town in violation of the provisions of § 251-11 of this article, and any vehicles parked or abandoned on any public street, road, or highway within the Town during any floods, fires or other public emergencies, or found unattended where they constitute an obstruction to traffic, or at any place where stopping, standing or parking is prohibited, may be removed and stored by the Town, its Highway Department, and/or its Police Department, and the owner or operator of any such vehicle shall be liable for payment of the reasonable charges for such removal and/or storage.


There shall be no parking on the east side of Academy Street for a distance extending from its intersection with State Route 199 on the north to the point where the north side of Factory Lane intersects with Academy Street on the east.


There shall be no parking on the south side of Smith Street for a distance of 20 feet west from its intersection with Academy Street, and parking shall be limited to one hour from 20 feet west from the intersection with Academy Street to 300 feet west from the west of said intersection.
A violations of any provision of this article shall be deemed to be a traffic violation and subject to such fines as are prescribed in § 1800 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law of the State of New York.
The Town of Pine Plains Highway Superintendent, the members of the Town of Pine Plains Police Department, the members of the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department, and the members of the New York State Police shall have the power to issue parking tickets, summonses and/or appearance tickets for violations of this article and shall have general enforcement powers with respect to the same.