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Tag: Fire Tower

Stissing Firetower Lighting 8.31.19 9pm!

On Saturday August 31 the Friends of Stissing Landmarks (FOSL) will light the Stissing Mountain Firetower from 9-9:30 PM in observance of the 6th Annual Lighting of the Fire Tower Event Statewide.

Observers may view the Stissing Firetower throughout Pine Plains and the surrounding area and be reminded that towers such as this one existed to keep our community and our neighbors safe from forest fires.

FOSL was formed in 1986 by local residents to take ownership of the Stissing Firetower after New York State announced plans to demolish the tower. In 1994, the Tower was turned over to FOSL, which has maintained the structure to this day. Hikers are welcome to climb the Tower, at their own risk, free of charge from dawn to dusk.

More information on the Stissing Fire Tower is available For all media inquiries, please contact John Hoffman at or call 845 594 4234.