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Tag: SPECIAL REPORT Dear Pine Plains

SPECIAL REPORT Dear Pine Plains 3.16.2020



Dear Pine Plains, In the coming days, much legislation will be enacted which will change the way we live for a while—not forever—and the town, the county and the state need your help. In order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, it is imperative that we do two seemingly opposing things: stay home and go out—to help others and to buy local. You should count on the state to impose restrictions on eating in bars and restaurants, congregating in groups of more than 50, and perhaps even curfews, especially in more urban places. Many states are doing this, not just New York. All of the restaurants in Pine Plains are already moving towards providing take-out and curbside delivery, as well as delivery by car, and they need your patronage to survive this moment in history. Without you, they will not get through this. What you might not know is how much these businesses—and all the others in town—support this town, employ its young people, give food to the needy, sponsor ball teams, and provide the income people need to just live here. We are all now working together with both the Food Locker and Willow Roots to make sure that needy families and homebound elders eat during this crisis. If you have the time and resources to help, please contact me at or 518-398-8600 ext 1

We cannot, we will not, get through this if we don’t do this together. Sign up for the town newsletter so that you can get more in-depth announcements, pay attention to Facebook, and assume you carry the virus and act appropriately. And check on your neighbors! Because that is the way they will know it’s safe to come check on you. Imagine what a sense of accomplishment we will feel if we beat this thing by working together.

PLEASE SHARE THIS EMAIL WITH ANYONE YOU KNOW IN PINE PLAINS! I plan to use this format to communicate by the minute with people, as well as Facebook. Stay well, Pine Plains! And see below for closings.

Darrah Cloud


Town Hall building is now officially closed. Supervisor, Secretary, and Town Clerk will be in, but the door will be locked to visitors. Please call us if you need something. Updates on town website at and Facebook. If we hold Town Board Workshop and Meeting this week, we will live-stream it. No audience, as per the suspension of the Open Meetings Law.

The Library is closed.

The Court is closed: effective 5pm Monday March 16th. The Court will contact any litigants with new dates. Arraignments will be processed in Poughkeepsie.

The Stissing Center is closed and all events cancelled through May.

The schools are closed.

The re-naming of the post office will be re-scheduled.

Peck’s, the pharmacy and all restaurants are open for takeout and delivery only. Call ahead. Please support them!