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Tag: Town Hall

Phase 4 Town Hall Office Hours

The Town Hall door will remain locked, so bring your mask and knock loudly. Make an appointment if you can. We are still there 7:30am-3:30pm M-F

The Town Clerk is open Tues-Thurs only, 10-12pm, or by appointment. Call Town Hall to make an appointment or write to

Thank you!

Town Hall, Town Clerk, Covid How-Tos UPDATE

Town Hall is locked but the Secretary and Town Supervisor are IN. Knock on the door or make an appointment. Masks must be worn inside.

Town Clerk Just Harpp is reachable only by email: Make an appointment to see her OR knock on the door from 10-12 Tu and Thursday for Deputy Town Clerk Madelin DaFoe. Masks required.

All Board Meetings are now LIVE and recorded to YouTube at Town of Pine Plains. Dates and times as usual. Public comment does take place in the chat at YouTube. We do not answer questions during Comment period–we listen. There is no Comment period for Planning Board Meetings.

The Highway Department offices are also locked. Call first to make an appointment. Meetings will take place downstairs in the break room, masks required.

Assessors are by appointment. Masks required.

Building Inspector is by appointment. Meetings take place outside.

Thanks for your patience!




New Normal at Town Hall

For the foreseeable future, Town Hall door will be locked at all times. Please knock if you’d like to come in. We will allow one person per office to enter at a time. (3 total) MASKS REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE Please make an appointment before you come with the person you need to see. Phone numbers are on the Home Page of this website. Feel free to call or write an email for any help you need.

Town Hall has been locked since 9am March 16th. We have continued working as usual, either here or at home.

And take care!

Highlights of the Workshop Meeting 5.5.18

The Town Board went immediately into Executive Session Saturday morning in order to deal with the selection of a planner for the Town to help with the Carvel Development Project as well as details on a number of opportunities which have come up around bringing Town Hall back into town. We adjourned with many things still on our list to discuss but ran out of time. We want to continue meeting like this, at least the Saturdays before Town Board meetings and will discuss this again at our regular meeting this Thursday night. Many exciting opportunities are presenting themselves and town input is sorely needed. Look for ways that you can be a part of the decision-making for the future of Pine Plains in the coming months!

The Community Garden is in full swing and volunteers are always needed. And Anthony Silvia is carving our new Town signs as we write. Look for them this summer!